Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Members of Chambers

An Announcement
The members and staff at Trinity Chambers are delighted to announce that Mr John Brooke-Smith and Mrs Janet Bettle have become members of chambers as from today.
John Brooke-Smith
To learn more about Mr. Brooke-Smith, please refer to his biography on our website.
Janet Bettle
To learn more about Mrs. Bettle, please refer to her biography on our website.

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The Child Maintenance Service – How will it Affect You?

The Child Maintenance Service is the new government body that will be taking over from the Child Support Agency.
Understanding the Child Maintenance Service
If you’re unable to come to a family-based arrangement the new scheme will affect you if you have four or more qualifying children with the other parent.  Later this year it will apply to cases where there are two or more qualifying children.  Existing cases will be brought in from 2014 onwards, by way of closure of those cases, with parents being able to opt for a family-based arrangement or apply under the new scheme.
The Primary Focus
The main calculation will focus on earnings and pensions.  There will still be four rates of payment depending on your circumstances – nil, flat-rate, reduced and basic.  Gross weekly income will be used with the percentage rates per child bein…

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