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Understanding Family Mediation

If you’re involved in a family dispute, such as a divorce, you might think that court is the only option available.
However, you may wish to consider mediation, which can help you solve disputes without the hassle of the court room and in a fast and pain-free way.
Family Mediation Video
If you’re unsure on mediation, watch this informative video by The Family Mediation Council…

…or have a read of the accompanying leaflet here.
Seeking Family Mediation?
If you’re ready to move forward, get in touch with one of the experts at Trinity Mediation¬†for further information about resolving your dispute through mediation.

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The Advantages of Direct Access

It is now possible to have legal advice and/or representation at court by directly contacting/instructing a barrister, without having to involve a solicitor at all. This is known as Direct Access.
Under the old regulations arrangement you would have paid both the barrister and solicitor for the work they had undertaken on your behalf.
Direct Access
By using the Direct Access route you can contact Trinity Chambers direct, to arrange to see a barrister. Our clerks are specially trained to ensure that they allocate the barrister that would be suited to the needs of the client. If appropriate, a conference (meeting) and attendance at court can be arranged directly between the client and the barrister. There are several advantages in instructing a barrister through the Direct Access route:

You can discuss with our clerks the legal issues that conc…

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