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Christmas Opening Hours

The Clerks’ Room is closed over the Christmas period
Our hours are as follows:
 24th December closing at 1pm
25th December CLOSED
26th December CLOSED
27th December CLOSED
28th December CLOSED
29th December CLOSED
30th December CLOSED
31ST December CLOSED
1st January CLOSED
2ND January opening 8.30am to 6.30pm
Although the Clerks’ Room is closed during this period there are a small number of counsel working and the clerks will be available through the emergency number on 07981 195851 if assistance is required.

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Nine Months on and the Knock-on Effects of the Legal Aid Cuts

In 2013 we heard that there were definite plans to overhaul the legal aid system.  The Bar Council responded that these plans threatened a “world renowned” justice system.
Legal Aid Cuts
It was difficult for those involved in family law to comprehend what the effects would be.  Many criminal practitioners responded by protesting outside Crown Courts and a number of groups including charities staged protests against the cuts.  It was estimated that the reforms would reduce the number of people qualifying for legal aid by 75%
The cuts to legal aid have been felt right across the board and not only affect criminal and family law but include employment, housing and immigration.
The Government has said that the consequences to civil legal aid have not been as bad as the critics suggested.
Lord McNally, Minister of Justice, stated “we have …

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All You Need To Know To Have A Legally Safe Christmas

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat! In considering the forthcoming festive season we, as lawyers, feel it is our duty to provide you all with guidance to ensure, in legal terms, that it is as safe and a peaceful as it can be.
Visiting Father Christmas
We all know that Santa Claus is not able to visit every school, nursery and children’s party, thus many of us of a rotund stature are being called upon to help Father Christmas out by being his stand in.
In recent years  concern has arisen as to as to whether  the person acting as Santa ought to be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously known as a CRB check). This however is only required if they will be in the role on a ‘regular basis’ – in law, ‘regular’ means at least once a week, four days over a 30-day period or overnight between 2:00 …

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