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Legal Action for Charities Targeting the Vulnerable

Charity fundraising is typically a worthwhile venture, raising money for deserving causes across the country. However, recently there have been an increasing number of high profile news headlines where fundraisers and salespersons are accused of harassing elderly and vulnerable members of the community. The use of aggressive sales tactics and unrelenting “cold calls” have attracted media attention
These pressure tactics came to national attention following the suicide of Olive Cooke in May, who had been a Royal British Legion volunteer poppy seller. After her death it transpired she had received thousands of cold calls and letters from charities asking her for money.
Worringly, there are frequent reports of other vulnerable members of the community being targeted and rogue firms continue to sell details to companies and charities 87 year o…

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Tackling Radicalisation in the Family Courts

It has become a depressingly familiar News motif: disenfranchised teen / family from [insert British city] attempts to travel to / is feared to have travelled to [insert ISIS-occupied country] to join the self proclaimed Islamic State after becoming radicalised. And yet despite the rise in incidents being reported in the media, the follow up reports as to what happens to these teenagers / young children of parents whose plans were successfully thwarted have, until relatively recently, remained out of the public domain. Over the past few months in particular, there has been a flurry of judgments from the High Court, including from the President of the Family Division, specifically dealing with such circumstances. Whilst often subject to strict reporting restrictions owing to the sensitive subject matter of the cases and for reasons of national …

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