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Is the UK close to establishing ‘No Fault’ Divorce?

There has been significant discussion within the legal profession in recent months regarding the establishment of ‘No Fault’ divorce in UK law . This has been a contentious issue for decades; an attempt to introduce it within the Family Law Act 1996 was left unimplemented. Since then, no fault divorce has been supported by a number of esteemed judges, including Baroness Hale of Richmond and Sir James Munby.
Last September, Resolution launched a two-year study on no fault divorce to examine how divorce law currently operates in practice. Through this investigation they hope to encourage debate on further reforms. Last month, the No Fault Divorce Bill passed its first reading in the House of Commons, suggesting this may soon be attainable within the courts.
Presently, divorce law in the UK offers five grounds for a successful application: ad…

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