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Important Changes in Employment Law for 2016

2016 is set to be a significant year for Employment Law in Essex as a number of nationwide changes will take place that could affect both business owners and employees.
This area of law is constantly being updated and reformed, therefore it’s crucial to know of your legal rights.  Our barristers in Chelmsford have compiled this helpful guide to some of the notable amendments that will take effect this year.
National Living Wage
As announced in George Osborne’s budget back in July 2015, the National Living Wage will commence on 1 April.  Replacing the minimum wage, hourly rates will increase from £6.50 to £7.20 an hour for over 25s.  This will rise once again in 2020 to £9 an hour.
Employers are obliged to pay this new hourly rate to all staff whom meet the age requirements, no matter the size of their business.  Affected employees s…

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