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Family Assistance Orders: Could more use be made of them?

Gabrielle Jan Posner, Barrister and Recorder, Trinity Chambers Chelmsford, draws practitioners’ attention to a resource underused in both private and public law children cases.
Section 16 of the Children Act 1989 enables a court to make a family assistance order requiring a Cafcass officer or an officer from a local authority to advise, assist (and where appropriate) befriend any person named in the order. For a long time now I have been of the view that family assistance orders are a valuable and underused tool in both private and public law children’s cases. I suspect the reason they are underused is that you cannot apply for them. You can ask in your application for one to be made alongside another order, but the rules do not allow for making an application solely seeking a family assistance order.
Family assistance orders tend to b…

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Trinity Chambers host the Chelmsford Legal Walk

Our barristers always relish the opportunity to get active in the community and support local charities.  We were therefore delighted to participate in the annual Chelmsford Legal Walk recently, with our chambers at Highfield House the starting point.  The walk was a fantastic chance to stretch our legs for a good cause and interact with a number of local legal professionals that walked alongside us.
The walk was in aid of the Eastern Legal Support Trust (ELST).  The goal of the charity is to maintain the provision of free legal advice throughout the east of England to members of the public that would otherwise be disadvantaged.  The ELST also work with the Access to Justice Foundation to deliver specialist legal advice via a number of free organisations across the UK.
We were encouraged by the turnout with more than 30 people slipping on …

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