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Family Law Jargon Buster

Divorce or separation is said to be the second most stressful event in a person’s life after the death of a spouse. If you and your ex husband/wife/partner cannot agree about the arrangements for your child(ren) and/or are not able to agree about your finances, the prospect of having to go to court to sort it out may seem very daunting and is probably adding to your stress levels.
This is why there are initiatives designed to resolve divorce and other family law proceedings without having to go to court, such as mediation and arbitration.
Recently, there has been a real effort to make court proceedings more accessible and to use plain language. In one case last year, when the judgment was to be read by a young person, an esteemed High Court Judge spoke in simple sentences and put in emojis. Family judges have come a long way from the cantank…

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Round Essex Christmas Quiz Answers

Did our challenging Round Essex Christmas Quiz keep your brain active over the festive period? In December, we left you 20 cryptic clues to locations throughout Essex, testing both your problem-solving skills and local knowledge. Make sure you’ve given it a try before checking the answers below.
Here are the answers – how many did you get right?
1) Mr Fawlty’s home – Basildon
2) In a jam – Tiptree
3) Completely mad – Barking
4) 50 shades in Thurrock – Grays
5) Ship’s kitchen next to a forest – Galleywood
6) Humorous bad actor – Witham
7) Sounds like a place to store fossil fuel – Colchester (or Coalhouse Fort)
8) Clever woody perennial – Braintree
9) Entrance for a wading bird – Herongate
10) Dead and buried – Ingrave
11) Mine next to ocean – Pitsea
12) Merchandise – Stock
13) Mr Laurel’s cuddly …

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