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HM Assistant Coroner Tina Harrington hears the inquest into the deaths of two individuals set alight in Benfleet, Essex

HM Assistant Coroner Tina Harrington led a five-day Article 2 inquest into the deaths of Kieren Lynch and Jennifer Cronin. The inquest, which commenced on 21 January 2019, revealed that serious failings by Essex Police, namely an under-resourced and inadequately managed police department, had contributed to their deaths.
Kieren was 51 years old and Jennifer, his mother in law, was 72 years old at the time of the incident. Kieren had a history of depression and low mood. His mood deteriorated when his ex-wife, Mrs Lynch, formed a new relationship after their separation. This led to escalating events, resulting in him setting both himself and Jennifer alight on 13 March 2018. Kieren, who was arrested for attempted murder, died on 13 March 2018. Jennifer died later on 30 March 2018.
The Inquest
The inquest heard that the series of inci…

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