What are the benefits of Trinity Mediation?

Mediation is less expensive and less stressful than litigation.

Agreements achieved in mediation can be turned into court orders without the expense of lengthy court proceedings.

Avoid the negativity of legal proceedings

Successful mediation aids and encourages positive communication, allowing outstanding issues arising from family or property disputes to be resolved amicably without the negative feelings often aroused by legal proceedings.

Move forward without conflict

Those mediating are therefore able to resolve their differences without damage to their long-term relationships, allowing them to move forward confidently into the future once mediation is completed. The wider family of those mediating can also benefit from the avoidance of conflict.

It’s a service that can be used by you at any stage of your disagreement and which can be used regardless of whether any court application has already been issued.

Flexible to your needs

Mediation is not just offered during office hours but can be arranged in the evening or at the weekend if this is more convenient. Mediation sessions can be held in our well-equipped rooms in Chelmsford, Essex or can be organized at any location convenient for those participating.