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If you feel like exercising your brain cells over the festive period, we have put together a testing Christmas Quiz to see how well you know your way Round Essex.

Here are 20 cryptic clues to locations within our county. How many can you figure out?

Here is an example to help you on your way:

Polar opposite of the beginning = Southend

The answers have now been posted on our website here. How many locations were you able to name?

1) Mr Fawlty’s home

2) In a jam

3) Completely mad

4) 50 shades in Thurrock

5) Ship’s kitchen next to a forest

6) Humorous bad actor

7) Sounds like a place to store fossil fuel

8) Clever woody perennial

9) Entrance for a wading bird

10) Dead and buried

11) Mine next to ocean

12) Merchandise

13) Mr Laurel’s cuddly toy

14) Finish cutting the grass

15) Sounds like a greeting

16) Bill’s mate in a flotilla

17) Footwear to inter in the headland

18) Rumble following lightning

19) Candle on river crossing

20) Crude forest

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