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The Reasonable Judicial Parent and Implacably Hostile Communities: The Presumption in Favour of Contact Remains Strong in Child Arrangements Orders

Our latest blog post discusses the intriguing case of Re M (Children) [2017] concluded in late 2017. These proceedings covered the topic of child arrangements orders in circumstances where a father had left his former religious community for his decision to live as a transgender woman, and initially ruled to only have indirect contact with his five children.
Re M (Children) [2017] EWCA Civ 2164
The Court of Appeal has overturned a child arrangements order that there is to be no direct contact between five ultra-orthodox Jewish children, aged 3 to 13, and their father who had left the Charedi community to live openly as a transgender woman.
The mother, supported by the children’s guardian, contended that direct contact would be harmful for the children because they would be alienated by their religious community, who would not accept the fath…

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Getting the Most Out of Independent Reviewing Officers in Care Proceedings

Gabrielle Jan Posner, one of our specialist family law barristers and door tenants, recently had an article published on Family Law Week arguing for a more involved role for Independent Reviewing Officers in Care Proceedings. If you would like to read the complete article, you can find it on their website.
If you would like to receive dedicated legal advice and representation from Gabrielle and our other family law experts during care proceedings and other circumstances, get in touch with our helpful clerks today. Call us on 01245 605040 or email clerks@trinitychambers.com.

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