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Family Law: Enforcing Contact Orders

This article sets out the current options (as of 11th April, 2017) if you have a court order to see your child but the other parent breaks that order and won’t let you see your child.
If contact is stopped in breach of an order, it is vital that the case is brought back to court promptly. Any delay may play into the hands of the person in breach and may make it more difficult to re-establish contact.
There are a number of technicalities involved and the process can be a tricky one. If you do not want or cannot afford to instruct a solicitor, you might wish to consider having a direct access barrister to assist you for some or all of the process.
Our Direct Access Barristers are skilled in negotiation and advocacy plus, they can help you to draft applications and statements. Call us on 01245 605040 to arrange an initial meeting at our chamber…

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