Members of the public are now able to instruct barristers directly, without the need to instruct a solicitor. Similarly, those who instructed counsel through other professionals (such as architects, planning consultants, surveyors, accountants and others) are now eligible for Public Access (also known as Direct Access). This offers clients a complete range of options when considering legal services, including a potential cost saving and greater liaison with the trial advocate.

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Public Access is not currently available to those who are in receipt of Public Funding (Legal Aid) who must still instruct counsel through a solicitor.

Public Access Barristers

A Public Access Barrister is a barrister who has been in practice for more than three years and has been trained to receive instructions directly from members of the public.  Our Public Access Barristers are able to provide specialist legal advice, draft documents and provide representation before courts and tribunals.

There are currently 17 barristers at Trinity Chambers who are able to undertake Public Access work, ranging in call (their seniority) from 3 to 30 years.

Cost of Public Access

Only privately funded cases can be accepted by a barrister under Public Access Rules. Using barristers’ chambers directly can be an effective way to conduct some litigation. Our barristers offer a range of expertise and experience to members of the public. Public Access can also be economically advantageous as counsel can be instructed to just appear at a particular hearing or to provide a distinct service and instructing a barrister directly avoids the cost of instructing a solicitor. Public Access fees are agreed on an individual basis.  Fees vary according to different factors, including the seniority of the barrister (their call), the complexity of the case and the time required in preparation. Our clerks will happily provide an estimate upon request and all fees are agreed and fixed in advance of any work being undertaken.

Instructing a Barrister

If you would like to directly instruct a barrister at Trinity Chambers, then please do not hesitate to contact either the Chief Clerk, Keith Willmore or the Senior Clerk, Tony Sleigh. To assist in identifying the best legal service for you, please include an outline of your case (including your details, your telephone and email address and a brief description of the case) in an email or letter.  Once we have these details, we will contact you to discuss how we can assist you further. Alternatively, please do telephone Keith or Tony on 01245 605040. Clerks Room >

Public Access Trained Barristers

Tina Harrington
John Dagg
John Brooke-Smith
Janet Bettle
Cherry Twydell
Anna Williams
Andrew Bailey
Jo Spratt-Dawson
Stefanie Wickins
David O’Brien
Diana Cade
Richard Balchin
William Green
Daniel Attridge
Tiffany Wilkinson
Stephanie Yule
Eugene Ahern
Craig Vickers