Public (or Direct) Access gives those who wish to control their case the ability to instruct a barrister themselves.  There are clear cost advantages of not having to instruct a solicitor although most of the case administration work will be done by you. We can give you access to specialist barrister who will assist and guide you through the process and represent you in court if that is necessary.

You can instruct a barrister at any stage of your case including prior to the issue of proceedings.  Your barrister can provide:

  • Legal advice and written opinions
  • Draft documents for filing at court and service on the other side
  • Advise you on drafting letters or other documents.
  • Represent you at court.

You will be responsible for organising the case documents, writing letters and carrying out other tasks that a solicitor would otherwise ordinarily do.

A guide to the possible range of fees and the way in which they are calculated is available here together with a guide as to the timescales.

If at any stage your barrister considers that you need additional assistance, possibly a solicitor they will be able to guide and advise you about how to begin that process.

Public Access Barristers are regulated by Bar Standards Board and abide by strict professional rules; these can be found here.  This gives the benefit of consumer protection and the backing of a professional conduct regime built up over centuries. Only barristers who have the specialist public access qualification can work directly with clients. A link to a list of Trinity Chambers’ public access qualified barristers can be found below. If you’d like more information about how a barrister could work with you directly, you can look at the public access page of the Bar Council’s website.

Our Public Access  Barristers And The Work They Can Undertake

How to instruct a Public Access barrister 

  • Regulated by the Bar Standards Board
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