The Type of Public Access Work we Undertake

Finance Cases

  • Dividing family finances between spouses on divorce
  • Resolving disputes as to payments of maintenance between husband and wife and for the benefit of the children
  • The costs of education of the children including school fees
  • Drafting of pre-nuptial agreements
  • The division of assets between unmarried couples
  • Financial provision for children of unmarried couples who separate
  • Variation and enforcement of maintenance payments previously agreed or ordered

Children Cases

  • Where there is a dispute as to with whom the children shall live
  • Disputes about how often a child should see each parent
  • Applications to take a child abroad to live
  • Applications to take a child to another part of the UK
  • Applications to prevent children to be taken abroad for extended periods or to specific countries
  • Other disputes about the upbringing of children including change of name and or school, religion and medical treatment.

Injunction cases

  • Applications for orders to prevent violent or threatening behaviour
  • Applications for orders to prevent a person visiting places e.g. homes, schools and workplaces.
  • Applications to ensure a person leaves and does not return to a property
  • Applications for an order to specify way in which a property is shared.

Other areas of PUBLIC ACCESS work ……


  • Civil Disputes
  • Coroners’ Courts
  • Court of Protection
  • Industrial Tribunals
  • Planning
  • Regulated by the Bar Standards Board
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