The Type of Public Access Work we Undertake


Call us.  You will be talking to a dedicated Public Access clerk who will ask you a series of questions to clarify the details of the case and what work the public access barrister will be undertaking.   You will also be asked to complete a short Public Access Referral Form and return it to us with all of your personal details and other information.

You will be asked whether you have chosen a barrister to instruct.  If you have not not you will be helped you to make that choice from our barristers who have the right experience who are available for your area of work and within your budget.  The details of the case will be passed to the barrister chosen.  There is no charge for this.


Meet us.  The barrister you have chosen will either call you or you will be given a date and time to call them.  Your barrister can find out more about your case, assess it and discuss the options for working together and the likely cost..

In the event your barrister takes the view your case is more suited to another barrister (because of specialist knowledge, experience or other factors) or not suitable for public access work we can either put you in touch with other barristers or, if you wish, give you a list of solicitors who may be able to help you.  There is no charge for this.

Agree the details

When your case has been assessed we will put together a written plan of the work that will be needed. This will include the formal acceptance of your instructions, the time that each stage will take, the availability of your barrister for written work, further meetings with you and attendance at court.  Also included in this document will be a fee quotation in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Service which you should read and agree to.

Your barristers will work on pre-agreed fees which are subject to VAT.  An indication of the fees that may be charged and the possible reasons vor vaying these is here.  In addition to the fees payable to your agreed barrister you will be responsible for meeting any court fees which are due.  These are determined by the complexity of the work you wish to have undertaken and the length of time it will take.  Our client care letter will set out clearly all of the fees you have agreed to as well as confirmation that you have read and agree to be bound by our Terms and  Conditions.  In addition to the fees payable to your barrister you will be responsible for meeting any court fees which are due.  The Gov.UK website includes guidance with regard to their fees and it can be found here.  The fees are payable in advance by bank transfer, cheque, cash or debit/credit card telephone payment.  After any payment we will send you a receipt with our VAT number.

Our barristers are busy, specialist court advocates.  Most of their working days are spent in court or away from chambers.  Most barristers will prefer to communicate by email rather than telephone but the means of communication between you and your barrister should be agreed early on.  It is also easier and fairer for both you and the barrister to keep a clear record of your communications with each other.

Working Together

Your barrister will work with you efficiently and professionally in accordance with your instructions in a relationship of mutual trust.  Your barrister will work hard using all of their experience to progress your case and respond to you promptly by whatever means of communication you have agreed.  You will be responsible for the management of your case, not the barrister, so it unlikely that a high level of communication will be required.

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