General Policies

Members of Chambers practice under the Code Of Conduct of the Bar of England & Wales and adhere to Chambers policies and procedures defined in our Quality Manual. This has been developed to ensure compliance with the Bar Council’s Practice Management Standards and the Legal Services Commission’s ‘Quality Mark for the Bar’ Standard. We uphold the Bar Council’s Policy for Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination.

Basis of Fees / Terms of Business:

We strive to provide a very high quality service at competitive rates. Our Chief Clerk is available to discuss levels and basis of fees with you and our policy for fees calculation and terms of business are available on request.

Continuous Improvement:

The Management System we operate incorporates continuous improvement mechanisms that allow us to monitor our effectiveness against our standards, procedures and polices and to instigate improvement initiatives where relevant. An important source of information for improvement comes from client feedback and we would ask you to inform us immediately should you experience any difficulty with our Chambers, its staff or its members. We have appropriate internal procedures for addressing clients’ concerns and take their comments seriously.