Summary of Family business priorities previously agreed with the President of the Family Division: April 2020


Work that must be done:

All urgent orders, including but not limited to:

Public Law Children:

Emergency Protection Orders

Interim Care Order

Renewal of Interim Care Order

Secure Accommodation Order

Deprivation of Liberty authorisation

Private Law Children:

Urgent applications Child Abduction Orders (including Tipstaff Orders)

Domestic Abuse (Family Law Act)


Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage Protection Orders

Divorce – urgent applications and decrees absolute

Court of Protection:

Urgent applications

Applications under Mental Capacity Act 2005, s 16A and s 21A

Serious medical treatment cases

Deprivation of Liberty

Form COP1 Statutory Wills – where person is near end of life.

Safeguarding applications via the Office of the Public Guardians


Work that will be done

Gatekeeping and allocation referrals – care

Gatekeeping and allocation referrals – private

Other family care orders/documents/emails

Court of Protection – welfare cases


Work that we will do our best to do

Other family private law orders/documents/emails

Adoption orders


Financial remedy

Court of Protection – property and affairs



Digital Working

Please use online applications on GOV.UK whenever possible to assist with remote working: Divorce, for legal professionals

Financial remedy by consent, email to sign up: Private law C100 child arrangements

Public law, phased roll out so not available in all courts yet.

Probate, for professional applicants